Why Japan?


Why Japan? Well, why not? So, this is how it happened…

Husband: A Japanese associate says if we ever want to go to Tokyo, he has space in his office I could work in.
Me: That’s nice.
[one month later]
Husband: There’s that Japanese associate saying I could work in his office if we ever want to go to Tokyo.
Me: Yes.
[one month later]
Husband: Would it be a possibility, going to Tokyo, do you think? Just for a couple of months, or something? Only, my Japanese associate says I could work in his office.
Me: *Ahhh, he wants to go to Tokyo*

And there we have it. With two primary school-age children, why not go to Tokyo? Just for a couple of months? These are crazy times, my friends. This opportunity could disappear any minute.

Me: Let’s do it.

So here I share with you the adventures of an impulsive couple and their young children, as they explore a whole new world… Well, country. You know what I mean.